• The (Mostly Forgotten) Writer Who Changed Literature Forever. On the Media (WNYC)
    Paul Auster makes the case that Stephen Crane was "the first American modernist, the man most responsible for changing the way we see the world through the lens of the written word." 

  • Unlearning 'White Jesus,' On the Media (WNYC)
    How Jesus became white in the American mind, and the historical, theological, and psychological consequences.

  • The Ancient Heresy That Helps Us Understand QAnon, On the Media (WNYC)
    Jeff Sharlet on how an ancient heresy, gnosticism, can help us understand the appeal and the mechanisms of QAnon.

  • God BlessOn the Media (WNYC)
    I produced this hour about contending with Christianity in America. Segments include: an interrogation of how religious the "religious right" really are; the persistent allure of (false) persecution narratives in Christianity, from the early church to Trump; and an examination of the overlooked religious left. 

  • Surviving the AIDS Crisis as a Gay Catholic, Plague: Untold Stories of AIDS and the Catholic Church. I worked with host and reporter Michael O'Loughlin to turn years of his research into a six-episode podcast series, unpacking the complex role of the Catholic Church in the AIDS epidemic. The series won awards from the National LGBTQ Journalists Association and the Religion News Association. It was also featured in The New York Times and NPR's Weekend Edition.